Ceremonial Grade Pure Organic Matcha - 30g

Ceremonial Grade Pure Organic Matcha - 30g

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Made from 100% pure green tea leaf that is stone grounded into a dense, vibrant green and nutritious power. The ceremonial grade has a taste of sweetness that is both delicate and refreshing with complete NO hint of bitterness. The supreme quality of the ceremonial Grade is absolutely worthy of traditional Japanese tea ceremonies.

The ceremonial grade Matcha is the ultimate choice to enjoy Matcha with no special ingredients and simply water; the result is smooth and delicate. Ceremonial grade can also be used to create Matcha latte and beverages but the Culinary grade is a more economical choice to make Matcha latte or mixed beverages.

No preservatives or GMOs have been used to produce the product. It is completely Gluten-free and Vegan.


It is best to consume the Matcha within 2 months after you opened it. 

Half to one level tsp. or 1 to 2 bamboo scoops = 1-2 grams (adjust to suit your needs)

Servings per 30g packet: about 15-30

1. Sift the Matcha for a more mellow flavour and to remove any clumps.
2. Place half to 1tsp of Matcha into a bowl
3. Pour 80 -100ml of hot water (80C) into the bowl
4. Whisk vigourously in a zig zag motion until it has a rich foam on top