About Us


One Matcha

One Matcha is 100% New Zealand owned and operated which ventures to promote good health to Kiwis by providing premium organic Matcha Green Tea. We aspire to deliver the highest quality of Matcha while keeping it affordable for everyone to enjoy. We source the finest quality of Matcha from Uji, Kyoto and Kagoshima regions of Japan - which both areas are world renowned for producing the highest quality of Matchas. 

Our Story

One Matcha is a small company in Southland, New Zealand founded in early 2017 by Philip. Started as a small idea that quickly turned into One Matcha. We were very fortunate to stumble upon Matcha. Doing a simple research on Matcha was sufficient enough to get us intrigued then we quickly fell in love with Matcha's special effects, versatility and especially the major health benefits. At the time Matcha was difficult to find locally and mostly expensive. One Matcha was established on the focus of delivering the Matcha experience as accessible and affordable for kiwis while delivering premium quality Matcha to enjoy. Health is of huge importance to us, the discovery of Matcha inspires us to share the healthy experience that it provides.

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